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We know how important it is for you to buy fresh, delicious meat. At Wenger Meats we are just as passionate about quality as you are. That is why we offer only the highest caliber of meat and poultry and make sure we provide you top-grade cuts every day of the week. Get ready to enjoy the taste of real, flavorful meat!

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Butcher with Beef


Carlisle Hygienic Ice Co. plant was built in the 1920’s.  This company manufactured block ice and rented freezer lockers to individuals.  Home refrigerator/freezers eventually diminished the need for ice and freezer space.


Fire heavily damaged the Carlisle Hygienic Cold Storage Company building in 1964.  Damage was estimated at more than $100,000.


Wenger’s purchased the business in 1978.  We developed our business to include retail meats, catering, a delicatessen, lunch trucks and wholesale packaged ice distribution to convenience stores, beverage distributors and supermarkets.


Remodeling and expansion in 1997-98 produced the present day larger, more attractive store at our present location on East Louther Street.


We purchased the Newport Ice Company


While scaling back the Lunch Truck & Wholesale Ice we added a smokehouse at our Newport location and grew our wild game processing business by adding a whole line of venison and other wild game products.  That was our Segway into making our own beef products such as sweet bologna, ring bologna, snack sticks and jerky as well as curing and smoking our own hams and bacon.

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