Grilled Chicken



Wenger Meats and Ice is delighted to support a number of local religious and charitable organizations.  We understand that the work of these local volunteers is vital to the well-being of our community.  If you are looking to support organizations that contribute to the building up of our families and helping those who are less fortunate, we recommend that you check these out!  This is only a partial list. 


The Christian School of Grace Baptist Church- Proceeds of the annual Chicken BBQ and Yard Sale are donated to the school for the education of the children.

Young Life- Sponsorship of the annual Golf Tournament 

Lion Club- Support for the annual sub and sandwich fundraiser.

My Brother’s Table- Prepare and provide discounted bag lunches.

PA Game Commission- Hunter’s Share of the Harvest participant-donating venison to needy families.

Project Share- Donation of food and distribution of Hunter’s Share of the Harvest product.